Ubuntu screen recorder with audio- Obs-Studio

Ubuntu 20 have inbuilt recorder which we can be triggered by alt+ctrl+shift+ r But it does not record the voice to overcome the limitation I am exploring “OBS Studio” its installation steps are given at obsproject.com which I have used. Step 1) To check if “OpenGL” is available or not as OBS Studio needs openGL

install sklearn for python3

I ran a python3 program and got error Traceback (most recent call last):File “main.py”, line 1, infrom sklearn.metrics.pairwise import pairwise_distancesModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘sklearn’ It clearly says sklearn module is not available and second point to consider is I am using python3 and I have pyhton2 as well on my devbox. To sort it out,

Pip3 Install pip for python3

I have Ubuntu20 and by default if I check pip version I get it is for python2 But I want to use pip for pyhon3 and if I check pip3 I get following: Therefore I executed above command to have pip3 for python3 at my system : It displays a bit general information and asks

Khattar Kakka ke Tarang (Dahi, Choora, Chinni)

खट्टर ककाक तरंग – दही चूडा चीनी लेखक : हरिमोहन झा खट्टर कका दलान पर बैसल भाङ्ग घोटैत छलाह । हमरा अबैत देखि बजलाह – हॅं!- हॅं;….ओम्हर मरचाइ रोपल छैक, घूमि कऽ आबह। हम कहलिएन्ह – खट्टर कका, आइ जयवारी छैक, सैह सूचित करय आयल छी खट्टर कका पुलकित होइत बजलाह – वाह वाह ;

Maithili Batgavni geet

#Mithila #Maithiliबटगमनी: बाट (रस्ता) पर गमन (चलई) काल, गबय बला गीत | चलै के जे सोझे बटिया, चलले कुबटिया हे राम,आहे चलले कुबटिया हे राम। गरिये गेलैय हे, अरे गरिये गेलय हे,अंगुरि में कंटबागरिये गेलय हे, अंगुरी में कंटबा । के हम्मर कंटबा निकालत हे ननदो !के हम्मर लहरिया हरि लेतय हो राम!हो राम, के

Regex to check top domain in DNS

Today I come to a situation where I need to find if my string has .com/.edu/.au/.info/.in or similar kind of word in it or not. And while designing a regex pattern I kept following thought process.. It will have alphanumeric characters, i.e letters, numbers, underscores and periods(dot), dashes, -, followed by a period(dot) and a

read N lines at a time file python

Here requirement is that, I want to process a file from row number N to row number N+X One solution might be, use itertools.islice to get the lines from the file between the given range of start and end.e.g for row no 3 to 6 : For example purpose I have take a file with

UserWarning: Could not import the lzma module

Got following error after import turicreate /home/prod/anj/learn/ml/mlvenv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pandas/compat/__init__.py:117: UserWarning: Could not import the lzma module. Your installed Python is incomplete. Attempting to use lzma compression will result in a RuntimeError. warnings.warn(msg) Fix: I have ubuntu: For it sudo apt-get install liblzma-dev Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Now I will go to

Add python3.7 as alternate python along with default on Ubuntu

My default python is 2.7 and I want python 3.7 along with it: Go to opt directory $ cd /opt Create a directory $ mkdir python3 Download Python 3.7 $ wget https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.7.4/Python-3.7.4.tgz Extract the python 3.7 tar file $ tar xzf Python-3.7.4.tgz To compile the source go to $ cd Python-3.7.4 To get release build with all